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Bashed – Pageantees' Exit Interviews

It has been two weeks since we have seen the gorgeous ladies and strapping gentlemen strut on stage, donned in their suits and gowns. Since then, we have not heard much from the pageantees. We now have a first-hand interview with the some of them.

Li Shan, Ms. KR

How does it feel winning KR Top Chai (Ms. KR)?

I’m happy, but the KR top chai is not me… it’s Sam(mantha). HAHA.

How did you feel on that night?

Oh, that night went past really quickly. I thought everything would be very hectic and I’ll die, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I think it’s because we practiced so much to the point that we were so familiar with the flow already. But anyway, I was very happy to perform on stage together with the rest of the bashies and Jia Fan.


I wasn’t crying on that day… for some reason a lot of people thought I was crying or something. But anyway, I want to thank EEC for planning and making bash possible and FUNNN. We all prepared a lot for that night, ok? Just saying.

Did you expect to win?

HAHA no. It’s not about winning, All I wanted was to put up a good show and attempt to make people laugh with Jia Fan… I’m just glad that people enjoyed and liked our skit! And also, the entire show la.

How was Jia Fan as a partner?

Jia Fan was damn annoying.


His face. KIDDING. Ok la, it was quite fun working with him. Because he’s just dumb… it’s damn funny to see him dance. Like seriously HAHA. He really is a talented kid, not everyone can be as bad as him. Anyway, working with him was like working with myself because he’s not very useful. Hehe.


Why did you decide to join KR bash?


*Jia Fan walks past the room coincidentally.*

*Interviewer seizes this opportunity to ask them a couple questions.*

Eh Jia Fan come in come in!

So, between the two of you, who is the whinier one?

Li Shan: *Confidently* Me la!

Jia Fan: Whiny definitely her ah.

Li Shan: WAIT, WAIT, whiny? I thought you mean FUNNIER. HAHA obviously Jia Fan la. He always whines about his knee aches when we dance. Fella really old.

Scott, Mr. KR

Did you expect to win Mr. KR? How did you feel on that day?

I didn’t really expect to win, first and foremost. It wasn’t really in my mind to win it, much more to put up a good show, because all the bash contestants are all quite close and all, so we really just wanted to put up a great performance. To a certain extent, I still can’t believe I won. I mean I look at myself in the pictures on that night, and I can’t really believe that was me on stage, to me it looks like a larger than life kind of thing.

What do you mean by “larger than life”?

I saw myself as quite a phantom in hall previously, but it was because I tore my meniscus and was injured for the past year. I only just recovered (from 2 operations because it didn’t heal the first time), when they sabo-ed me to do bash. But when I saw myself on stage, I realised that I’m a bit more than my injuries, like I was larger than who I thought I was.

So why did you decide to join KR bash in the end, since you said you were kind of a phantom in hall before?

The previous block head sabo-ed me to do it. Because Estee (Ms. E Block) and I are together, then they sabo-ed us because we were together. My block head asked me if I wanted to do it with Estee at first, so I considered it. But then Estee went to say yes in the morning, and at night when I found out that she said yes, I can’t say no what.

So, was there any difference, having your girlfriend as your partner?

Yeah, definitely. It made me want to at least put up a great show, because the sole reason I was doing it was because I was doing it with Estee what, if not I wouldn’t have done it at all.

I heard your body transformation was quite sick, care to share your whole fitness journey with us?

So, I started when it was… end of year one? Yeah, I just came out of my injury back then, so I wanted to get back into shape, because before I was quite fit and everything.

How was the whole journey?

Oh, the whole journey itself ah… oh it was fun man!

How hard did you diet (to what extremes, etc.)?

Basically, every day. Like I was cutting, and was counting calories and macronutrients, I even got like a food weighing scale here *pulls out small food weighing scale from the drawer of his table* to measure the weight of the chicken I eat and how much rice I was eating and everything. It was tough at first…? But it was also fun because I love cooking, so it’s fun to cook the best meal you can.

What do you normally eat in your diet?

Oh, chicken breast is definitely the staple, hands down. But the way you cook it is always different, you can like pan-sear the chicken breast, then I’ll oven bake it after, so it’ll be crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, then I'll cook it like with like pasta.

Wait you dieted from end of y1 until now…. so that’s… more than a year already? And you’re still continuing?!?!

Yeah, I’m still continuing.


More or less haha, I have one cheat day per… two weeks?

Haha what do you cheat on?

It’s all-out man… of course I’ll still cook on those days, so I’ll cook like… 8 hotdogs (chili cheese hotdogs). Then I’ll cook handmade pizzas, the extra-large ones. Like 4 pizzas? But yeah, I’ve been on a streak of 117 days (of not cheating?

That’s quite hardcore *still in disbelief*, if I do for three months I die already.

Do you gym every day?

I think I’ve gone 5-6 days every single week. I’ve never gone like two days without gymming.

Sing Hui, Mr. Hotbod

I heard that you took over Wei Jie for Mr. A block.

Haha yeah, Wei Jie got kicked out during seniors’ camp, which was in mid-July, then they were asking around for replacement, but nobody wanted to be. So, in the end I decided to do it around end July? like near FWOC already.

So, did you think you did a better job than what Wei Jie could’ve done?

Haha hmm… wait, do you think I would’ve done a better job than Wei Jie?

HAHA I don’t know, I’m just asking.

I think, really cannot. Honestly, Wei Jie is irreplaceable. Seriously.

You still killed it up there la.

So, you won Mr. Hotbod. What was the journey like? Did you diet? Did you gym every day?

No la, it’s my original lifestyle in a sense already. I usually exercise quite a bit because of track. And my diet is like normal, I never did any special diet.

But you still so sick leh…

*Jokingly* Bopez bro.

How many times a week do you gym?

I try to gym in the morning every day, unless I wake up late.

Did you expect to win Mr. Hotbod?

Uh… I mean because in KR bash everyone will get a sash… its good la. It feels good to be Mr. Hotbod. But cannot compare with Jam n Hop. Jam n Hop is crazy.

Wait wait wait…

Ming Jian *who was with me during the interview listening in* chimes in: No bro, your body really up to standard, serious (I mean… look at you now MJ)

Tell us the most memorable thing that you’ll confirm remember in your journey.

The “Yes or Yes” dance, the guy dance. Because all the guys, except for You Sheng, are not dancers. So, all of us look like monkeys when we just started. But I want to say thanks to Dillonbaba for helping us to choreograph and teaching us the dance. He really carried us. He made four monkeys dance. I also want to thank EEC for carrying the whole thing, because from the first training compared to show day, there’s a very big difference. Our first training was basically a ****shop, HAHA.

But yeah, the EEC people taught us how to dance and act, especially for me since I really couldn’t act. They kept drilling us and forcing us to get better, they did a good job prepping us.

Other than that, don’t get kicked out of hall guys!

Looking forward, the pageantees are deeply appreciative for the support from the other KR residents as well as the hall. In the meantime, seniors do look for juniors whom you think have what it takes to strut down the stage representing your block! See you next year at KR Bash 2020!

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