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Heart-Warming Experiences in KR

From the myriad of games and activities (KRBFF, angel and mortal, etc.) taking place all semester long, with the sole purposes of brightening someone else's day, you can tell that Kent Ridgeans' love giving welfare and bonding with one another. To further test this theory, I asked a few Kent Ridgeans to share their most heart-warming experiences from their everyday lives in KR and the results did not disappoint:

Immanuel, A Block, Freshie: It’s really the small things like when SAP offers to send me to a match and I sit dangerously close behind him on his bike for 30 minutes (every bump made it more interesting), when my BFF Claudia delivers egg tarts to my room because she knows I’m hungry or when Bun sends me somewhere to and fro. These are just three examples of small acts of kindness that take place almost every day. On top of that, they are always ready to help at the slightest “how do I...” nothing less of a quick reply would follow, “This is how you...” The seniors are just so kind! I think it’s ingrained in KR culture for seniors to 疼 (dote on) the freshies and I'm so thankful. The daily friendships, a smile, a joke or a sharing of an embarrassment he/she faced today, these are the things that make KR a home, a family. So, for me, it’s not so much my “most” heart-warming experience in KR but more that my “whole” KR experience has been nothing short of heart-warming.

Lucas, C Block, Y2: It would be when my KRBFF surprised me when I was injured! To be honest, I thought she was just going to come by and pass me some gummies because she asked me what time I’ll be back in hall that night. Then I saw the Post-its (on my door) and thought, "Who played a prank on me?”. Luckily, I saw the get well soon message on the door and thought it was really nice seeing it at the end of the day... Then WA, when I opened the door, there was a bag with more welfare in it including a Post-it saying I look like the panda plushie she got me. #GDLL.

Karyn, C Block, Y2: Last year, my birthday (23/11), was one day before our first exam (GER was on the 24th) and my floor last year was a freshie floor so almost everyone had that exam. Everyone went out to study and I came back so late but they still got about 3/4 of the floor together to celebrate it for me like a surprise even though I came back like two hours later than I said I was going to (they made up some excuse about floor meeting) and wasted their two hours of prep time!!

Xiao Min, D Block, Freshie: I remember there was once when my floor mate knew I was stressed about something and although it was already in the wee hours of the morning, she visited my room and comforted me with some food too. I really did not expect it and I would say that was one of the most touching things someone in KR has done for me thus far! :')

Melvina, E Block, Y3: I think it's the small things! Like once my friend, Priscilla, (Ms KR 2018) knew I was having a really tough week, so she bought me my favourite Yakult flavour and also wrote me messages on Post-its and pasted them on my mirror in a smiley (shape)! It was just super nice to get back to my room after a long, exhausting day and see something like that. And sometimes when I’m too busy with school and KR work, my neighbour, Renee, will help me with laundry (She once folded for me when I fell asleep while folding LOL) and another time she helped me vacuum my room! Or like the random times when my good pals buy me snacks that they know I love.... It ROCKS to see my favourite ice cream magically appear in my fridge (thanks Glen) or my standard Famous Amos order on my table (thanks Fir)! It's just super warm and it's small things like this that make KR feel more like a home to me!

Ashley, E Block, Freshie: My most heart-warming experience was my birthday surprise this year in my room when my friends surprised me. I really didn't expect it, I even screamed! But (I was) super touched and happy to see all my favourite KR people all together in my room with balloons and printed pictures of us together pasted all over my room. It feels like I really found a family here. Thanks for making hall feel like home!

A Home Away from Home

Amidst all the late-night studying sessions and the ups and downs of life in general, wouldn't it be nice to have reassurance, encouragement and support? Clearly, for most Kent Ridgeans, those warm and fuzzy feelings are (literally) just one door away.

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