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BOO! Halloween is Here


As the Halloween mood creeps up on us, we begin to see people whipping out their once-a-year creepily sexy(?) Halloween costumes. It is as if they forget about the real horrors of their lives for a week, as they party their time away. Let me be the devil here and remind you of what terrorises your everyday life here in Kent Ridge Hall.


The yearly monsoon season is almost here, which means we have to get ready for rain along with an influx of all types of bugs as they seek shelter everywhere. If I asked you to think about one insect that terrorises most of KR residents’, I’m pretty sure that we all have one common enemy in mind. If you need assistance with your cockroach problems, maybe ask Mr KR, Mr Pesticide himself, Scott Floyd Zhen-Yan Smahon to help you out with that. Salut!

2. GYM

Ever felt intimidated going to the gym? I feel you sista. Sometimes, I get dressed up and all, walk to the gym, then turn around and walk away. The feeling that I might get judged by the gym junkies there is terrifying enough for me to give up the idea of getting a better body (or is it all just an excuse for my lazy self to not exercise? Idrk…).


I bet half of you reading this saw this coming… Even though everyone (other than the freshies) know that hall food now is way better than what is used to be, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is good. Other than the occasional special menus, the repetitive taste every meal makes it so boring to eat. Damn this whole compulsory meal plan! #MakeItOptionalPlease


You really enjoy hall? Loving the life away from parental figures? Think living on campus with friends are amazing? That makes two of us! But if there’s one thing all of us know, is that the worst feeling you may possibly feel here, is not having enough points to stay on another year. It is, say real, quite sian de. So even though today is Halloween, remember to not #phantom and hustle for as much points as you can! You won’t regret it!

Speaking of ghosts…


Last but not least, we have the lurking ghosts who wander the hallways of our blocks and scare us in our pantries and our toilets!!! It is not uncommon to receive photos like these popping up in your block chat, searching for the culprits who, as my mother would say, “know how to use donno how to clean arh”. But how can??? Ghosts don’t know how to use tech what...

These lurking ghosts still try to make us fight amongst ourselves by leaving dirty and smelly clothes being left in the toilet for days on end, stinking up the whole toilet. But come on, we know we are responsible beings who will clean up after ourselves de! Ghosts, you won’t get us!!!

Amidst all these horrors, I still am absolutely thankful for the chance to stay in this place we, Kent Ridgeans, call home. At the very least, we have each other to fight through these terrors. Just like how we say, "With the right person, every day is Valentine's", Halloween is a daily occurrence with all these happenings. Let us do what we can and play our part to reduce these terrors!

Have fun dressing up and partying and a good time away from reality! Happy Halloween KR!

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