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The Best Study Spots Around KR

As finals roll around the corner, here are a few spots about KR where you can get the mad mugging going and the brain gains flowing.

Business Library (NUS Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library)

Walk into the business library on any given weekday and you’d be sure to spot familiar faces from KR. The place of haunting for hardworking students to last minute clutchers alike, it is the go-to place if you are ever looking to get work done efficiently. The silence of the library provides an extremely conducive environment to understand the hardest of concepts, or to crank out that submission due at midnight. Moreover, seats are aplenty with 3 floors of studying areas, meaning that you can always rely on this silent haven when you are in need of a place for concentration. There is no shortage of power sockets, with at least one for every seat, so you don’t have to worry about overusing Instagram and having to run back to hall for a portable charger. Finally, if you are looking to discuss and ponder over the mysteries of GER, there are discussion rooms available on the third floor for bookings. The business library has a little of everything for everyone. Just note, this place is closed on Sundays. But then again, don’t study on Sundays.

iCube (i3)

Perched atop the hill overlooking Sheares and Kent Ridge Hall, the first-floor windows seats looking out towards greenery are another favourite of KR residents to frequent when we are in need of doing some studying. Open till 11pm, it is open later than the business library for those looking to push themselves a little harder. Vending machines on the first floor also provides snacks and most importantly, COFFEE, which will no doubt be ever more important as finals creep up on us. Just make sure not to build up too high of a caffeine tolerance.

iCube, however, does have a relative shortage of seats, with only about 30 seats on the first floor. Students are generally discouraged from using the upper floors, which are reserved for the School of Computing and NUS enterprise. Alternatively, just don’t get caught.


“But what if I have trainings till 11pm, and can only hop onto the study train past midnight? Balancing sports and projects and committees may be overwhelming, but fret not, gather with the other busy bees of KR at SR 3! Meant for late night study sessions, the air conditioning in SR3 is on from 5pm to 3am. Grab a couple friends from around hall, and head to the 3rd floor of F block (the main block). Just make sure not to get too distracted as you see all your friends from hall. Do try to be there just a little earlier though, as the seats can fill up rather quickly later into the night.

Your Room!

Finally, you’ve come back from an exhausting day of school and hall activities, but tomorrow’s tutorial is still gnawing at the back of your mind. Well, your room isn’t meant only for sleeping or late-night gatherings, there’s a table in there for a reason! For utmost focus, just lock your door, draw your blinds, and dive into the rabbit hole of productivity. Some of us study best in the comforts of our own room, with the distractions of hall life seemingly a world away outside that closed door, but another threat lurks… Don’t let that bed tempt you.

As residents of Kent Ridge Hall, we sure know how to have fun, but don’t forget the long-term goals we have, and study hard! Feel better knowing that you’re never alone in the hustle 😊

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