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Don’t Worry Be Grateful: Why Being Thankful Isn’t Just for Thanksgiving Day

The clock is running and another holiday, is upon us. Thanksgiving this year is on November 28th, a time which coincides with not just the end of semester 1 but also coincides with finals. Hence, it’s a perfect time to focus on gratitude and the present.

In the spirit of the season, each block comm was interviewed and bombarded with questions which made them reflect intrinsically!

A Block, Eke Wang

What's something in hall you're thankful for this thanksgiving season?

All the new Angels who joined our A BLOCK FAMILY hehe... So heart-warming to see everyone getting closer and starting their hall journey :-)

Is there anybody special you're especially thankful for?

No one in particular but for sure my ABC! We've been able to work through our differences to make A BLOCK more of a home. Ultimately nothing could be done without them and I am looking forward to challenging ourselves again next semester!

Reflecting back on this past semester, do you have any thoughts? e.g. has being in block comm been up to your expectations?

WAHH... Was being in block comm like what I expected? No. Did everything go according to plan? No also... haha IT'S DAMN HARD! BUT we definitely had our successes – angel&amigo, spooky Halloween etc. All in all, I learned so many things about my comm and myself through this experience. I mean, as long as A BLOCK happy can already right... LET'S ENJOY THE PROCESS, ABC!!

What’s something you hope your block achieves the next semester?

I always had the same goal since day one. If everyone from A Block can look back on their KR experience at the end of these two semesters, regardless of whether they are staying next year or if they were year one or two or FYF, and say it was a positive one with many memories made then I'll be more than happy! Hopefully ABC can play a part, no matter how small... If we haven't for you, wait ok give us a bit more time. HAHA I love A Block.

B Block, Yi Yun Toh

Starting off, is there anybody special you’d like to give a shout out to?

I really want to thank BBC (B Block Comm) for being such a huge part of my KR experience so far!! I love how we’re the most dysfunctional bunch of people who are also fully committed to block comm!! I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to stay up with without feeling tired :’) I’m so grateful that I’ve found such a solid group of friends that’s been more than just a comm; thank you for all the support, real talks, fun ideas and non-stop laughter every day. I look forward to 5.55pm every weekday; thank you for never failing to make me smile.

Nice! Other than BBC, is there anything in general you’re thankful for?

This thanksgiving season, I’m thankful for everything KR has given me; it’s only Y1S1 but I’m already so grateful for all the fun times that make university so much more than studying 😊 But more than anything, I’m thankful that I’ve found a home here, where I’m surrounded by people who never fail to give me something to look forward to at the end of every long day in school. It’s the little things that brighten up each day, like simply hanging out with some of my closest new friends in university, and meeting new people who have extended warmth, friendliness and kindness that have gone a long way!! And to me, that is more than enough to be grateful for 😊

Getting a bit more personal, how has your past semester in KR been?

It’s been the right mix of fun and chill!! I already can’t wait for the rest of the AY ahead 😊being in block comm has in fact exceeded my expectations!! before being elected, I was told that it would be really tiring. but after being in BBC for some time, I’m constantly surprised by how physical exhaustion and time management is hardly a problem for myself. we prioritise block comm commitments most of the time, and this has really helped as we all try our best on a day-to-day, event-to-event basis, helping one another out beyond what we are "assigned" to. our personalities have also gelled well together, as we have the same humour, which certainly makes every Art Friend/supermarket meeting and 4am work sessions something to look forward to. I expected that there would be some tension, as per every group of people working together, but we have communicated all our concerns and expectations really well. most of all, it exceeded my expectations that I’ve landed in more than just a heavy-commitment comm — I’ve found myself a group of really good friends who mean so much to me 😊

Ok ending off, what’s something you hope your block strives for next semester?

I hope B Block remains inclusive and active in the semester ahead!! I hope that participation in block events and even block dinner will be even better 😊 Additionally, since freshies have largely already adjusted to hall life and our bbfreshest batch is relatively close and active, I hope that we can make the effort to get to know more people in the block better, so that there can be tighter bonds formed between seniors and freshies formed, beyond our floors!!

C Block, Charlene Chan

Kicking it off, what's something in hall you're thankful for this thanksgiving season?

I'm thankful for my floor mates as cliché as it sounds! But no matter how tough my day has been, at least I’m assured that I’ll come back to my floor mates who are always there for me (since they live beside me, bopes)

Other than your floor mates, is there anybody else you're thankful for?

Ya, actually the hall admin aunty who always collects my weird parcels I buy online and sometimes I’ll receive three parcels in just one day but she'll take the extra effort to sort it and pack all of them together so it's easier for me... also feeding me milo every time I go to school and giving me ice cream when I come back.. solid!! :D

Looking back on this past semester, any thoughts or reflections?

Being in block comm has been a journey but I must say it’s a fulfilling one!! especially prepping for Halloween and seeing your block mates getting scared!

Ok last question, what’s something you hope your block achieves the next semester?

Come down for dinner more often 8D

Will we get to see something like this soon? 🤩

D Block, Jerome Chua

What's something in hall you're thankful for this thanksgiving season?

I’m thankful for the people I’ve met in hall. The support system they provide through the tough first semester back is school thus far has been invaluable in helping me adjust to university life. From bidding of modules through ModReg to deciding what modules to take and how to manage my time in hall. The seniors have been so forthcoming in their advice and guidance that it has made things so much easier.

Nice! Is there anybody in particular you're especially thankful for?

Mark Tan Yung Chuen.

Reflecting back on this past semester, do you have any thoughts? e.g. has being in block comm been up to your expectations?

Yes it has. Prior to joining block comm, I’ve heard from many people that block comm is really shag but it will be the most fun comm. I didn’t really fully comprehend what they said but now looking back after one semester of being in block comm, I can better understand what they mean. The daily dinner jios and planning for block events really brings the comm together and it’s always nice to be part of a well bonded comm. I’m really thankful to be in block comm and honestly no regrets.

What’s something you hope your block strives toward to the next semester?

Personally, I am quite happy with how the block is as of now. You see freshies assimilating well into the block, the floors are bonded and in general there is harmony within the block. I find this comforting because it’s not always the case that a large group of people living together can eat along so well and I am thankful for that. But looking ahead, what I hope my block can achieve is to further strengthen this sense of belonging to the block. Everyone, regardless of faculty or year of study should feel like they belong to D Block and are an important member of D Block. Continue helping each other out in times of need and being there for one another in happy times and in tough times.

E Block

What's something in hall you're thankful for this thanksgiving season?

Amal: KRV 19/20 and everyone in it <3

Ethan: Block mates who are nice and fun to be around.

Arvin: My block comm!

Victoria: I’m thankful for all the friends I have made ranging from the people in my block to the people in my committee!! (hehe HPB and SMU!!!)

Is there anybody special you're especially thankful for?

Arvin: My entire block comm! (and KimmyDonuts <3)

Victoria: I am especially thankful for my block head Arvin! He brings a lot of joy and laughter because of the how he is as a person which makes being in block comm under him very fun!

Reflecting back on this past semester, any thoughts or reflections? e.g. has being in block comm been up to your expectations?

Amal: Everyone is really kind and caring in their own way.

Arvin: It hasn't been easy taking on the role of blockhead this year, especially, the stress of expectations and the responsibility of the role, but it’s definitely been eased by having such a reliable and trustworthy block comm to work with. With them being so committed to the block and doing anything they can alongside me to improve the block, it's really taken a lot of weight off my shoulders and I feel they've done a great job so far! I am very grateful for KR's best block comm - EBC!

Victoria: Being in E Block Comm may be a little tiring but generally fun! doing dinner jios every day, decorating the lift for Halloween, etc. I enjoy working with the people in my block comm too!! hehe shout out to Ethan, Val, Amal, Nic and Arvin!!

What’s something you hope your block achieves the next semester?

Amal: For us to go down for all IHG matches together to support our E blockers.

Ethan: UBC winners.

Arvin: Maintain our position as KR's premier block 19/20.

Victoria: I hope that my block will continue winning environment prizes, (or any prizes that could be won in semester two), and maintain our position as KR’s premier block 19/20!!!

Hmm is E block really KR's premier block 19/20?

Editors note: the word block (including this) appears 62 times in this article... 🥴

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