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What's Your Best Memory of Sem 1?

As the semester comes to a close and the holidays approaches (not before exams, though), let us revisit our best memories from the past semester.

“My best memory of sem 1 in KR is how I bonded with my friends from my block and KR dance through drinks and fun nights out. These fun times involved me doing a lot of stupid stuff but life is short so we gotta have fun! I have forged precious friendships in the past few months that I will never want to lose. But my best memory would be bonding with different people and getting to know them both sober and not sober.”

-Xena, A Block

“Night Cycling was really fun!!! I love cycling and it was really fun to cycle the whole route while blasting music. I also enjoyed chatting with my block mates, getting to eat delicious food at Lau Pa Sat, receiving sick açaí welfare and watching the sunrise together. It was also really fun being the block IC despite almost getting lost twice and making Andre fall into a hole 🤣”

-Kar Jin, C Block

“Sem 1 was a very busy time for me. I guess my best memory would be my smol birthday surprise, planned by my dance comm :) I was having dance training for the bash contestants in the media room when a bunch of people from KR dance and KRasheares Rag item came to surprise me! I was super touched and it was very meaningful to me because these are the friends I appreciate the most in hall! Also because summer just ended and it felt nice to be surrounded by the people I bonded with over the summer hehe.”

-Kristie, D Block

“My best memory of the semester was definitely during all the practices leading up to bash. I remember watching some people try to dance when they really couldn’t make it (shout out to brother Jia Fan from the mixed rice stall) and watching some people try to act like they were dying when they couldn’t stop smiling (lol Sing Hui). It was an unforgettable time where everyone could be the biggest clown they could be and still get away with it!”

-Scott, E Block

“I think my best memory would be culture night! Performing with choir was really fun and enjoyable for me!! and also spending time with the YEP members preparing/dethorning flowers in the day :o)”

-Evelyn, B Block

What’s your best memory of Sem 1? Remember to keep making memories with your fellow hall mates as you enjoy the holidays!

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