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IHG 19/20 Week 2

Squash (M): KR 3 – TH 2

Squash commenced with Russell Colin Lui from A Block, our most experienced freshman, taking on the Temasek Hall #2 in a battle of year one hormonal rage & fire. Russell emerged victorious after a 1-set scare but came back ravenous and provoked, albeit breathless, and nearly annihilating his opponent but the feller retired in the 4th set because Russell was too frightening and the opponent had “food poisoning”. (Score: 2-1; (re)tired)

The second match was essentially a pivotal point in the White vs Blue confrontation: Our star player but also TH betrayer (he was from TH) Reuben Tay from E Block aka The Bukit Timah Beast aka The Mighty Monster aka Arnold Squashzenegger battled his IVP teammate to a ferocious victory. Reuben was moving and hitting like lightning and his opponent was like the current; with every bolt of electricity cast by Reuben, his opponent constantly returned with steadfast composure and equal intensity. It all boiled down to mental determination and the element of surprise which Reuben, the Year 3 Law tank, managed to one-up his opponent with. Kaboom, hasta la Buona Vista, babeh.

(Score: 3-1)

Third up was Lie Sen from C Block, whose charm exuded even from outside the court. He fought valiantly and Sensationally against his opponent who was probably distracted by the female supporters’ screams when they witnessed how debonair Sen was. Although he did not triumph, legend has it that TH’s female fanbase is still trying to get a Sense of who the charming 3rd player from KR was.

(Score: 1-3)

4th up was Russell Wong from C Block who very nearly lost his s*** but bagged one when some “higher powers took a hold on him”.

(Score: 3-2)

The last match was Russel from D Block who played his first ever official squash match and bravely held the line against his opponent. The left-hander, still new to the sport, teased his opponent despite being a greenhorn; looks like the gym work paid off for Russ.

(Score: 0-3)

The overall score was 3-2; an upset which put KR in a favourable spot for the semi-finals given that they win their next. Well done fellas and Captain Soumya!

Will they triumph against Raffles Hall? Come down to USC on 1 Feb, Saturday to find out!

January 14, 2020

Written by Russell A. Wong

Soccer (M): KR 7 – PGP 0

Saturday’s IHG action saw our Kent Ridge Football Boys take on PGP in their first game of the season, in a goal-laden encounter. The starting 11 for KR featured Yun Liang (GK), Joshua, Shi Jie, Elisha, Nic Tan (DEF), Thomas, Idris, Wilbert (MID), Carman, Zong Luck, Si Han (FWD), in a 4-2-3-1.

KR came out of the gate running as they immediately controlled possession and put heavy pressure on the PGP defence, with wave of attack after attack. PGP sat back and held on, until 10 minutes in, when an inexplicable handball committed by their centre-back in their own penalty area gave KR a penalty. Carman stepped up and calmly dispatched the penalty to give KR a deserved 1-0 lead.

The floodgates then opened as KR continued their barrage on the PGP goal. Carman, dictating the flow of the game, finally created some space with his sublime dribbling at the edge of the PGP penalty box and cut inside, before curling a shot into the bottom corner for his second goal of the day 10 minutes later. Thomas made it 3-0 as the PGP keeper flapped at his shot from outside the box, with the ball ending in the back of the net. Si Han then finished off a great cross sent in by Wilbert with a commanding header to close out the first half 4-0 to KR.

With the result secure, KR made 4 changes to give a run-out to Wyatt, Nic Heng, Harold and Alvianto for the second half. KR continued dominating proceedings as they tried to pump up the goal difference. 15 minutes into the second half, Wyatt juked out his marker and smashed an unstoppable, dipping shot from 30 yards out into the top of the PGP goal, giving KR their 5th goal.

The constant pressure by KR led to PGP continuing to sit back deep, where Thomas then punished them again with another shot from outside the box, this time beating the keeper convincingly for his second. In the closing seconds of the game, Carman rounded things off and secured his hat-trick in bizarre fashion when he sent a long ball from just past the half-way line which ended up going through the PGP keeper’s legs and into the goal. The final score, KR 7-0 PGP.

January 18, 2020

Written by Miguel Toe

Touch Rugby (F) Carnival

Our KR touch girls have yet again emerged victorious, following last year’s undefeated win at the annual IHG touch rugby carnival. The team beat every other hall, with their remarkable teamwork, chemistry and game plays. The team started the carnival on the right foot by keeping a clean sheet against SH. Our girls ran hard and exploited gaps left by SH, leading the girls to finish strong with a score of 4-0 to KR. TH gave a tougher fight as compared to the first game, but our girls eventually emerge victorious with a score of 2-0 to KR. Right before the break, the team faced their most anticipated match of the day against EH. After a draw last year, our girls were more than determined to win the game against EH this year. Despite scoring the first try against Eusoff, the nerve wrecking game saw the girls letting in some tries. However, the team managed to push through and eventually finished the game with 4-2 to KR. After a walkover by KE, the final game of the day against RH saw the girls racking up the score to 7-0 to KR. Good job truggers on defending their title as champions for the second year running!

January 19, 2020

Written by Oriana Ong

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