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Fine Dining in KR – Dîning Hàll by WolfKRang Puck

The topic of food is often a contentious one. Whether you’re an overly enthusiastic resident who responds to the overly enthusiastic daily 6pm “dinner jios” by your block committee, or someone who prefers to dine alone with your earphones in, perhaps we can all agree that the idea of having hall food doesn’t really make anyone excited… or hungry.

Previously, residents have reported getting additional protein supplements in their meals. That is, lucky residents would receive toppings in the form of bugs and caterpillars in their food.

While KR might have been able to tout its dining hall as the most nutritious and protein generous in the past, a recent change in caterer has left residents wondering – what’s for dinner today?

In this edition of “Dîning Hàll by WolfKRang Puck”, we’ll be going over some of the best (or more noteworthy) meals of the past semester. Dining Hall takes inspiration from the unprecedented serving of Japanese Katsu Chicken Special which shook KR residents, both those who were privileged enough to be served dinner at the dining hall that night, as well as those who decided to have dinner outside of hall (who were unfortunately served disappointment instead).

Week 5: Wanton Noodles (Dry) (Breakfast)

We suppose it’s difficult to go wrong with wanton noodles… We were wrong. While this was admittedly your “better than average” hall breakfast, it certainly looked better than it tasted. 5/10

Week 6: Wanton Noodles (Soup) (Dinner)

We suppose it’s difficult to go wrong with wanton noodles… This time though, they got it right. 7/10

Recess Week: Chicken Curry Noodles (Dinner)

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a McSpicy chicken patty with some noodles? Well, everyone knows now. 9/10

Week 7: Fishball Noodles (Breakfast)

Well, for those who love having their fishball noodles fix in the early morning, dining hall’s got your back on that. 6/10

Week 8: Shrimp Tempura Udon (Dinner)

Mmmm… Salty. 7/10

Week 9: Egg Drop Soup Noodles (Breakfast)

For many residents, getting out of bed may very well depend on what’s for breakfast. We guess most residents left their covers for breakfast on this day. 8/10

Finally, meals that went from 100 to 0 real quick.

Week 6: Pad Thai (Dinner)

Yeah, it tastes just like how it looks. While NanaThai may be an ideal choice when residents order in, they soon found out that KRThai wasn’t really the go to for Pad Thai… Wait, is that even basil pork on the side?! 3/10

Week 8: Mala (Dinner)

Can you really say that you’re an NUS student if you don’t eat mala at PGP every week? Then again, can you really say that dining hall’s mala is actually mala? 3/10

That wraps up some of the better (and more disappointing) meals we’ve had over the past semester. Eating cereal fried fish and sweet and sour chicken everyday may seem like a bore, but ultimately many residents can agree that the new caterer has provided far better food.

Stay tuned to find out our top (and bottom) picks of sem 2!

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