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Humans of KR: Sing Hui, the Track Star Discovered

As Inter-Hall Games 2020 drew to a close with Track & Field being its final only cancelled event, it marked the beginning of a Track prodigy’s journey. Scouted on the tracks despite it being his first time dabbling in the sport, Sing Hui shows us what true talent really looks like. It has only been almost a year since this Track Star was born, but the second-year civil engineering student has already trained til his idols became his rivals.

We were lucky to score an exclusive interview with Singapore’s Usain Bolt (and KR’s TOP choir chairperson) after his IVP 4x100m Finals - spoilers: he won the gold - and here’s an inside scoop!

Singapore socialite, Mae Tan, commenting on Sing Hui

How was your talent for discovered, and why did you decide to train seriously?

I joined KR Track when I was in Year One because I wanted to increase my lung capacity to sing better for choir. But Zheying (a senior) spotted my potential and encouraged me to train seriously. I also realised I’m actually quite talented so I decided to do it properly for the past six months! Haha!

What CCA were you in before? I used to play ping pong!! I think it’s quite an underrated sport because people play it when they are drunk. But at a high level, Table Tennis is actually quite intense and physically demanding.

How do you feel about winning gold in the recent IVP race?

Super thankful for all the help I got from my coach and seniors! And it feels great to win it in front of some ‘fans’ LOL IVP is really not as hyped as IHG cos not many people come to support. But I’m glad my friends had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon Hahaha

Do you feel that having less experience puts you at a disadvantage?

There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your thinking

What do you like about track?

The part where I win :)

Why are you so talented? Can sing, can play drums, can run… what can you not do??

Apparently people think my jokes are not funny..

Here's one! What do you call somebody with no body and no nose?

Nobody knows

How about a deer with no eyes?

… no eye-deer

Any advice to everyone out there whose talents have yet to be discovered?

Don’t let what you are, stop you from becoming what you could be!

There are plenty of opportunities in Hall/Uni to take on responsibilities and try out something new.

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