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KR's Prettiest Rooms

So it has been awhile since you moved in and decorated your room, and your place is starting to look a little dull. Maybe those fairy lights look just a little stale after a semester and a half. Fret not as we serve you inspiration from our fellow residents who put in a tremendous amount of effort to makeover their rooms. Spicing things up may just give you even more reasons to look forward to coming back to your safe haven after a long day of school! Not-so-scientific fact: Studying feels less of a chore when done in a pretty environment 😊. It is not just girls who know a thing or two about decorations, as this piece brings you two rooms decorated by our male residents.

First up, we have Jia Jun’s room (D208).

Think you’re looking at a bedroom photo downloaded from Tumblr? Think again.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t live on the seventh floor, these hanging fairy lights are just as good as seeing the stars (maybe even better)! Looking like a scene right out of a Netflix chick-flick, this room screams nothing but “COZY”. From the warm glows of the fairy lights above, to the aesthetic wall murals, you can’t help but wonder, is this a hall room or a boutique hotel?

Looking at the wall decorations, one may not think much of hanging a clock on the wall, but it definitely saves you the trouble of having to dig around for your phone every time you need to know the time. Having a wall bookshelf also gives off a studious vibes to visitors (who doesn’t want that?). Finally, motivational messages hanging above your head every night gives you the drive you need to kick start your day (no they don’t).

Give your table a makeover by replacing the dull blue with black paper. Coupled with a metal frame, you can hang some letters of encouragement, beautiful postcards and polaroids to add to the homely feel.

Finally, instead of the junk we usually throw on top of the drawer, how about replace it with some scented flowers and candles? Why do you think guys spend a fortune on flowers for Valentines…

Next up, we have Jonathan Wong’s room (C704).

This room gives off the homeliest vibe. What a dream bedroom!

Miss your loved ones from time to time? Make a collage of photos and letters from your friends and family on your corkboard, coupled with some dried flowers as a finishing touch. Simply look up to reminisce the good times with them!

Just like Jia Jun, Jon also used flowers to lighten his place up (seems like a trend, doesn’t it). The wilted flowers and pebbles create an earthly vibe. A short motivational message can never hurt, as it reminds you to be the best version of yourself every day!

Lastly, paintings of a sailor, a whale and a lighthouse hang over Jon’s bed, adding to the absolute wanderlust of the room. It is often forgotten how much artworks can change the entire vibe of a room! All you need are photo frames (even simple black ones like those in Jon’s room work great), and the Command wall hooks that came with your FWOC goody bag!

Hopefully these two rooms inspire you to transform your room into the paradise you’ve always wanted -- be it a tropical beach resort or a goth dungeon.

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