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Humans of KR: Min and Fel

Behind the well-kempt and beloved hall, we have our unsung heroes – individuals who have dedicated a large part of their university time and heart into building the hall to what it is now. In this article, we dive deeper into the sentiments of some of the highly capable people of their experience and feelings as JCRC members. Today, we’re speaking to Min Kwok (Media and Communications Director) and Felicia Chen (Outreach Director).

Tell me separately, what do you remember of your first encounter with each other?

Min: We were in the lift going up. I was awkward because we were all freshies who weren’t really close yet. She was standing directly opposite me & I was trying to avoid eye contact and small talk. Then out of the sudden, without even a “hi” she just walked towards me supper aggressively and asked, “Eh you’re Ying En’s friend right? Hah! I am her best friend I always see your face on her Instastory!” And then she said “ok bye” and just exited the lift lol.

Fel: We were in the lift and I said to her, “You look familiar.” Like every other cheesy line to start a conversation.....(I already knew that she was my best friend’s work buddy) and she said, “Ya, i am Ying En’s friend.” THEN THE LIFT STOPPED AT 3rd floor and I got out and we never spoke again until we were in block comm together.

What were your first impressions of one another?

Min: Hyperactive, super cute but somehow she had a menacing aura lol.

Fel: Pretty girl~, low-key judgy but would probably vibe.

So guys, what is it like being in JCRC?

Min: For me, JCRC is equal parts stressful and fun. Initially, I was struggling with the role because I felt like I wasn't made for such a position. But over time it became so much easier to run with it! I think nobody is born ready for this kinda thing la. You're shaped into it. I've learnt so much about myself and about working with other people through my JCRC term. I'd like to think I'm a much better person than I was before because of it.

Fel: Outlook is your best friend, it is the first thing you open every morning when you wake up and throughout the day it keeps bugging you with tons of notifications and annoy the crap out of you but you cannot live without it.

What do you both do in JCRC (other than just going to the beach...)?

Min: TL;DR I oversee the five media committees in KR: VPT, Photo Comm, KRaphics, KReporters and HAM. I'm the de facto "executive producer" & "editor" of all media publications. So every design spread, photo, video and article you consume runs through me first! Can't get KR in trouble by putting out questionable content...

Additionally, together with my super hardworking media exco, we are the gatekeepers of all the media equipment and the media room. We ensure that all equipment is in working order & tip top shape! There's also other things, like maintaining the KR Media Facebook page & our YouTube channel!

Fel: Outreach stuff, I oversee three committees – FLAG, KRV and YEP, they are about helping residents get involved in volunteering! I work very closely with the comm chairs to help them fulfil their goals for the comm, also I am the first point of contact with external parties to liaise volunteering opportunities for KResidents! Oh and I vet through a lot of proposals, and I mean A LOT.

Any advice for anyone who wants to run for JCRC?

Min: Don't think. Just go! I remember Kwokko, Fel and myself taking WEEKS to deliberate on whether to run for JCRC. We sat at the back of the MPSH during the first election, listening to everyone's speeches and weighing the pros and cons OBSESSIVELY. In the end, all of us submitted our forms and ran anyway. Here we are today! I don't regret a thing.

Fel: Just run!!!!!!!!!!!! Think later!!!!!!!

If you had to redo your JCRC term, what position would you want to do and why?

Min: Welfare! I want to make everyone fat. Because when everyone around you is fatter you will always remain a skinny legend by comparison...

Fel: This is a really hard question. I really wouldn’t do any other positions..... but if I had the skills, I would do Honorary General Secretary ~ because I want to take minutes all the time and send out cool emails....

What are your biggest takeaways and biggest regrets?

Min: My biggest takeaway from JCRC is JCRC itself! Being with like-minded individuals is the biggest blessing. Sometimes I wonder how 12 brain cells can mesh so well. I'm really grateful for them :)

My biggest regret is not studying in the JCRC room more often!!! I have not taken advantage of the 24/7 aircon well...

Fel: My biggest takeaway is Melvina Yeo. My biggest regret is not pushing for the horse volunteering thing (Riding for the Disabled Association Singapore).

What about one another?

Min: My number one takeaway from KR will definitely be Fel. Beyond JCRC, she has been such a positive influence & light in my life. Fel has the biggest heart for people, even though sometimes you can’t tell with her hyperactive demeanour. She’s spent her life doing good for society (she’s not the outreach director for nothing!) & is majoring in social work so she can continue to help the people around her. You make many friends when you come to hall, but Fel’s impact on me transcends just a ‘friendship’. She has seen me at my worst— ugly cries, angry fits, stuffing my face with McSpicy (add cheese no sauce, if anyone was wondering), but she’s also seen me at my best. Sure enough, she’s the reason why I strive to do better in life. Without her, I wouldn’t have someone to exercise with, or I wouldn’t have someone to remind me to drink more water. It’s really in the little things. She doesn’t try, and maybe she doesn’t even know it, but she’s gotten me through the worst periods of my life & I know for sure she’ll continue to do so in her little ways.

Also, I just wanna say thank you to my media exco for being my rock and helping me along the way! My mind is in a constant haphazard mess and without them, I don't think my JCRC term would've been such a smooth sail. THANK YOU to all 13 of you... ❤️ come claim bubble tea from me LOL!

Fel: Min is my person in hall, I go to her for anything and everything!!!!!!!! It is really weird to come back sometimes and see that she’s not in her room, and it feels very empty. Having her in JCRC with me really makes everything so much easier!! I rant about all the stuff and she empathises with me so well~~~~ I love you Min and hope you pass driving ASAP so we can ClassPass forever🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

That's very sweet of the both of you... but now let's put your friendship to the test and have a lightning round of questions...

I'll ask you guys a question, and you're supposed to give me your individual answers, and at the same time, try to guess the other's answer!


Favourite drink

Min (Kopi or Milo Peng):

Oolong milk tea?!

Fel (Coke): I think Min's favourite drink is milo.

Favourite song

Min (Sunsets Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 by SG Lewis):

It Is Well by Bethel Music.

Fel (Die Trying by MICHL):

Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito.

Favourite colour

Min (Pink):


Fel (Purple): Pink.

Favourite movie

Min (Spotlight or Chungking Express):

Probably something lame like Tall Girl or To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

Fel (Clueless):

Omg, we are both Libras it is so hard to choose just one...

Favourite MacDonald's order

Min (McSpicy add cheese):

Sharing Box.

Fel (Sharing Box):


Giver or receiver

Min (Giver): Fel is a giver.

Fel (Giver):

We are both givers.

Pepsi or coke

Min (Coke):


Fel (Coke):


Pick five mala ingredients

Min (Enoki, pork belly, maggi, hotdog, potato):

Fel likes any vegetable + oyster mushrooms.

Fel (Maggi, potato, shitake, enoki, beancurd skin):

Maggi, chicken, pork, beef, fish.

Indoors or outdoors

Min (Outdoors): Outdoors.

Fel (Outdoors):


Hot or cold (interpret this however you want to)

Min (Cold):


Fel (Lukewarm...): Cold.

Hamsters or guinea pigs

Min (Guinea pigs): Hamsters.

Fel (Hamsters): Hamsters.

Sunset or sunrise

Min (Sunset): Sunrise.

Fel (Sunrise): Sunset.

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