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Humans of KR: the B-Team

Many would be familiar with the phrase "B Block Dance Block", but we all know that's hardly even true. Home to the Kent Ridge Hall President, Culture Director, Sports Director and the Honorary General Secretary, B Blk has been a wholesome breeding ground for well-rounded individuals.

If you've ever wondered how Pharm got his name, how Kai Yuan and Ying Hao always see eye to eye and remain bffs despite their height difference, or how Korean Nelly really is, here's an exclusive interview with these JCRC stars!

Yong Ying Hao (40th & 41st Sports Director) and Leong Kai Yuan (40th President)

You guys have been on the same floor for three years, you both play the same sport (Handball and Basketball), was in the JCRC together... has anyone ever mistaken you guys for each other?

KY (laughing): Actually have, but maybe ten years ago when people saw us, our heights were quite similar.

YH: We live quite close to each other also, some say we're twins...

Ying Hao, why are you running as Sports D(irector) again?

YH: I think there were a lot of things I wanted to change in my first year as Sports D, which I think that I managed to improve on. Actually I just wanted to further ensure the standard, which is why I'm doing it again. I also felt that there wasn't really anyone else interested in running.

Kai Yuan, what do you think about this?

KY: I think he just doesn't want someone else to tell him what to do... he just wants to continue being in power.

Power hungry meh?

KY: Ok no la, say real, I think it's good that someone knows what is supposed to be done, he can just pick up where he left off from this year. Some more, Dr Ivan is leaving and we will need someone who knows his s*** to run for Sports D. I think it's a good thing... as much as it's a bit... dumb.

YH: Oi.


KY: It's good for the hall, and it's good for the sports scene in general.

YH: No good for my grades...

What is one thing that you can't stand about each other?

YH (laughing): Sometimes Kai Yuan can be too strong headed. Cannot talk back to him one, I got no rebuttals for him... but I've learnt how to accept what Kai Yuan is... in the past three years.

KY: One thing I cannot stand ah...

YH: Kai Yuan too tall... jussssssss.

KY: Every time he's drunk already got to carry him back... but he never bite me before so it's still okay.

YH: So tall who dare to bite you...

If you both 1v1 at basketball, who will win?

KY: Me. Confirm me.

YH (at the same time): Honestly, me. Say real.

YH: Kai Yuan is too slow... too rigid... I can just spin him around... might just ankle break him once or twice...

KY: Eh, but when I shoot three-pointers, Hao not even in my line-of-sight... how to block? Can't even reach my face how to reach the ball?

If you guys were to swap roles, do you think you would do a better job?

YH: I don't think so, I don't think I can balance all the different committees, cultures and sports. To be honest, I feel like I won't have the same amount of passion.

KY: Same for me, I think because naturally I am all-rounded...

KY (laughing): ... I can dance, I can play sports...

KY: No la, seriously I don't think so because the only sport I am super interested in is basketball, I don't really know much about other sports in general. Through my earlier years in KR, for IHG, I only went down for the same few sports – basketball or frisbee. I wouldn't know as well how other sports function.

YH: Wah, then learn la.

KY: Get you to learn can already...

Kai Yuan, what do you say to the haters who say you are too tall to be president?

KY: Huh?! Too tall? Got people say that meh?

YH: Have.

KY: I mean... nothing to say ah. Results show for itself, if you are happy how the year turned out then okay, if not... then... too bad.

And Hao, is it true that you're already writing your next year's speech for Sports D again?

YH: ...

(Looking at Min and Fel's article) Okay la, we play lightning round now.

What's each other's favourite drink?

KY: Martell

YH (at the same time): Martell...

Favourite song?

YH: Trance.

KY (laughing): That's not a song!

KY: Playlist ah, we play playlist.

YH: Playlist? Trance lor.

KY (laughing): Mood board

YH (laughing): True true...

Favourite colour? KY: Red. Because he smokes reds... last time.

YH: Blue.

Why? YH: He bleeds blue bro...

Favourite movie?

KY: Wah. I don't even know what my favourite movie is.

YH: Rick and Morty... wait that's a series.

KY: Close enough la.

I think something artsy ah.

KY (laughing): Reality Kings ah?

YH (laughing): ...

KY (laughing): Off script, off script.

KY: Something emo la... what, Perks of... Wallflower?

YH: Damn easy bro, what I dressed up in during BFF night.

Eh movie la bro...

KY: Wtf did you dress as.

YH: Last year.

KY: I don't know. Skip.

What is it?

YH: Peaky Blinders.

KY: Oh ya.

Favourite Macs order?

YH: Wah shit I feel like I should know this one. I don't know his favourite Macs order but i know his favourite bread is...

KY (overlapping): MacSpicy!

YH: Raisin bread.

Wtf bro, really off script, I asked favourite Macs order you give me bread...

YH: Spicing it up ma...

YH: I would think his is MacSpicy, but for me I don't even like MacSpicy...

KY: I eat MacSpicy?? I cannot even eat spicy food...

Are you all givers and receivers?

KY: Sounds a bit...

KY: I'm always a giver. Hao is a giver also. Actually no, I think Hao is a receiver.

YH: Kai Yuan is a giver.

Pepsi or Coke?

KY: Coke.

YH: Coke.

Your five mala ingredients? YH: He cannot eat mala.

KY: Skip.

Indoors or outdoors?

YH: Indoors.

KY (pause): Indoors.

Hot or cold? Interpret however you want to.

YH: Cold.

KY: Hot.

Hamsters or guinea pigs? KY: This is like for girls one, skip. Give me different questions.

Favourite NBA player?

KY: Aiya so easy!

YH: DeMarcus Cousins.

KY: Kobe Bryant.

YH: No la.

No... even I know bro...

KY: Kyrie Irving?

YH: No no no...

KY: Who? Wtf?

YH: Derrick Rose bro...

Easy that one...

KY: You posted the Kobe picture that day...

That's because he died.

Favourite soccer player? KY: I don't even watch soccer.

YH: Cristiano Ronaldo.

KY: Messi...?

I thought you were going to say Zong Luck lol.

What was your first impression of each other?

YH: Fierce.

KY: Small and handsome... but mostly small.

YH: Eh your answers a bit...

Are you happy with the intimacy you share? KY: ...

YH: ...

How often do you guys laugh together? KY (laughing): Eh this kind of questions you don't waste time leh.

YH (laughing): ...

Okay last one. Serious one. Do you have any advice for Sing Hui (41st JCRC President)?

KY: You need to remember that everyone in the JCRC will be extremely passionate about their areas and expertise. You need to be the one that gels everyone together and to remind everyone that everyones end goal is for the hall to progress, not just your respective areas. If KR only progresses in sports or culture, we will not be KR, we will be... other halls...

YH: KR sports hall jusssss.

Hao, if you weren't running for Sports D again, who would you like to do it?

YH (laughing): Sing Hui.

Okay, I think we are done.

KY: Wah so easy?

YH: Honestly no brainer leh this.

Nelly Loh (40th Honorary General Secretary)

Who's going to be the next Hon(ory) Gen(eral) Sec(retary)? You (Daniel).


Because you showed interest when I running last year, and you wanted to compete with me, but you were scared you couldn't win. I think this year I will give you the chance to run for Hon Gen Sect.


You think the job is easy...

So why not run again?

I want to give the chance and opportunity to you, I think you deserve it.

What's your least favourite aspect of the job?

Not being able to contribute more to the hall, I can only do meeting minutes.

What's your favourite aspect?


Being everyone's dog ah?

The people in JCRC, they've been giving me a lot of support.

What's one lesson that JCRC has taught you? How to write better minutes. Meeting minutes.

What's your favourite Korean drama?

Boys Over Flowers, My Love from the Star, The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, Guardian, City Hunter, Strong Girl Bong-soon, Full House, Secret Garden, Kill Me Heal Me, Mr. Sunshine, Coffee Prince, Moon Lovers, W, Moon Embracing the Sun, Vagabond...

Why is your role honorary?

I don't know.

Do you feel honoured?

Not really, I'm just a JCRC slave.

If you could crash land on Ying Hao, Kai Yuan or Pharm Ryan, who would it be?

Ying Hao.


Because Ying Hao is the shortest.

Do you tell people you are Korean for the clout?

People don't know that I am Korean... because I am a useless Korean...


Ryan Tan (40th Culture Director)

Why are you called Pharm?

When I had just entered KR, there were 4 Ryan's in B block. Naturally senior Ryan was the one who could keep the name. The other two Ryans started to have people call them by their surnames, but my surname is Tan (yeah I have the most generic name I know), and so people started calling me Pharm Ryan. After a while it became only Pharm and it just stuck.

Why did you choose to study Pharmacy?

Watsons is my passion. I wanted to study a course related to the healthcare industry and was deciding between medicine and pharmacy. But I really could only see myself standing behind the counter of Watsons, my second home, so I chose Pharmacy ❤️

So will you be working at Guardian or Watson’s after you graduate?

Watson's ❤️ Don't even need to hesitate. Jk, we actually have many opportunities to work elsewhere such as in Hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry too! Also working at Guardian/Watson’s isn’t easy either we do more than sell Panadol, if you know what I mean ;) hahaha

What are your biggest takeaways and regrets being in JCRC?

Definitely the friendships made and the experiences gained. JCRC is a special Comm unlike any other... in good and toxic ways. If I went back in time I would do it again in a heartbeat, just that i'll submit my application earlier. My biggest regret would be not being able to carry out most of the culture events in sem 2, especially for DU as we had plans to hold it on a much larger scale this year. But this one not my fault. COVID-19 really c*ckblocked us :/

Sum up your term in a sentence.

Chasing people to submit proposals and meet deadlines (@ all culture heads)

Shoot, shag, marry your culture groups.

I don't know... I really enjoyed working with all my culture groups haha (and TSU too). I think that they’ve all done really well and it’s just a little sad that we couldn’t show more of what KR culture can do this semester because of the measures in place regarding COVID-19. But I guess I would shoot hall prod... because they’re dead anyways... shag and marry... you guys get me intoxicated then i'll say :)

So will we see hall prod again?

Ok I was kidding in the previous question hahaha. Hall Prod just took a break this year, like how many of us take breaks in our relationships... but then will always come back stronger one, and we are definitely looking towards having it again next year! If you have an interest in acting, being part of a production, or like being fake and acting like someone you're not, do join hall prod next year! :)

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