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KRoyal Rumble - Battle for the Best KRBFF

Welcome back to our beloved Kent Ridge Hall, brothers and sisters. COVID season’s dreary clouds may be hanging above us, but the KRBFF game is back to kick-start the hall year rescue us from boredom. (or is it really?)

The wholesome tradition of freshies choosing and seniors getting the right KRBFF is truly an enjoyable experience. JUSSSS. It is a war for clout, power, and bragging rights! A game, that some say, is harder than DOTA.

With some seniors having like 5 freshies picking them,

while others having 0 (hearsay one of the writers of the article no bff as a freshie and as a Y2…), let’s take a look into the minds of 2 unfortunate, tortured souls participating in the annual KRoyal Rumble!

KRBFF – A Senior’s Perspective

It is the time of the year again, the battle of the apex, my “brothers” and I once again fight for the best freshies in hope of staying KRelevant.


Day 1.5: I have been staring at the google spreadsheet for 8 hours. I will not eat until a name appears.

Day 3: No name has appeared. Hence, I have taken great initiative like the alpha male I am and submitted 4 names for myself.

Day 3.5: FWOC didn’t let it through. Really FWOC-ers!

Day 8: A freshie requested to follow me. I think she ECs me. I start planning the marriage.

Day 9: A freshie’s name finally appears beside mine. “Anonymous platypus”, what a cute name.

Day 9.5: Oh oh I just realized…

Day 10: A freshie finally chose me. She seems like a nice person. I will now check her out.

Day 13: Researching Findings: IC number starts with T01. Lives at S518232 on the 7th floor.

Day 20: Went out with her for the first time. Thinking of getting a tattoo of her name on my face.

KRBFF – A Freshie’s perspective

Finally, out of NS, and back to school. The time to build my future is now. Maybe I’ll finally get to feel the lilywhite touch of a girl after 2 long years.

Day 1: My OGL looks amazing, with those glimmering eyes and ravishing FWOC t-shirt. Planning to ask her to pick me as BFF.

Day 1.5: Just got my heart broken by my OGL, she told me I have to pick someone from another block.

Day 3: Finally found a new chai senior. Booked my first slot at KR gym to beat out the competition for her.

Day 6: Requested to follow the senior. I think I should like all her posts once she accepts my request.

Day 6.5: She got boyfriend… it’s time for me to change my pick.

Day 10: Decided to pick a senior without any current freshies. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Day 10.5: Wa… this girl also actually quite chai.

Day 20: Went out with her for the first time. Have I been catfished?

All jokes aside, Kent Ridge Hall has a long-standing culture of the fun-filled KRBFF game. Freshies and seniors, remember to go out there and lift your BFFs’ spirits! Let us all make new friends and have a great year ahead together (but also please respect zoning and safe-distancing measures). We are family, just like our neighbours beside us on Heng Mui Keng!!!

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