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The Complete Room Arrangement Guide 2.0

Two years after the original article was released (check out, the debate rages on as to which is truly the best way to arrange your furniture.

From the KRowd Favourite "bed-under-table" layout, to the hustlers' Office layout, we are back with more pictures and more layouts to help all you freshies out there who have never been to another zone before.

(PSA: please stay in your respective zones or else you will get KReported!)

The KRonald McDonald Ice Cream

It's the start of the semester. Your maid opens the door for you and begins cleaning your room, as you feast your eyes on your new home. Functional, boring, vanilla...

Pros: Stay unseen from neighbours who walk past your open door by hiding behind the shelf when you're on your bed. #phantom

Cons: There are currently no cons as you don't need to make your room more spacious for friends, in light of social distancing measures.

Minimal Effort, Maximum Reward

If you feel lonely and want your neighbours to say "good morning" to you, simply shift your shelf to the other side of the bed. Strongly recommended if you have KR's very own Biz Prince living opposite you!

Pro Tip: Leave a gap between the shelf and the wall so that you can still use the power socket. This will also allow you to push your little drawer against your shelf so that it won't roll away from you too easily. Say real, it's a good armrest to use when you sleep since the bed is too small...

The KRowd Favourite

With a little compromise on leg space, this popular layout gives your room a lot more floor space! With the gym being only available three days a week, this one gives you the option to workout in your room or yoga or dance, whatever floats your goat. Plus, you get to sit on your bed for zoom calls, talk about efficiency!

The BedKRoom

Looking much more like a proper bedroom, this one allows you to look out of the window and take a break whenever you get tired of working. Plus that natural sunlight is gonna give you a natural glow on your zoom meetings, gotta look good in front of your class crush yeah?

The Office

Want to be your own boss? Feeling like a student-entrepreneur? Then look no more for this layout is for you. Instantly know who is walking into your room(with their mask on) at all times while you are doing your work. Added benefit of facing away from your bed to keep that cozy distraction away, gotta get that bread.

The Unorthodox

Came across this layout for the first time this year and we are truly baffled beyond words by this work of art. What a monster of innovation and creativity! We are clueless as to how this layout was ever conceived in the first place but it does look functional having all your storage space on one side of the room. Same benefits of having your desk facing the window while at the same time having quite a bit of floor space! Only major downside would be spending your entire day moving ALL of your furniture??

Hopefully all the layouts above give you some inspiration for you next big room makeover! Have an interesting room layout not covered here and you want to share? Post a story and tag @kreporters with #groommyKRoom on Instagram, most creative post gets a small prize from us!

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