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Culture Night Insights: ladyKRiller edition

The clock struck 8, as the rooms of Kent Ridge Hall started effervescing with electricity, both from the residents’ excitement and from their 50-inch monitors lighting up. The moment had come for KR’s show of shows, Culture Night 2020 | Stay - At Home edition.

Performances brimming with talent lay ahead, with our very own KRemix kicking off the show, where FWOC Best Freshie 2020 Elias set the tempo for the night from Marquee the KRemix room. Wowing the KRowd with his beat drops and switches, and his inability to keep his headphones on properly…

Elias really brought clubbing back on -line.

Next up was the Rockers, jamming crowd favourites such as “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ and ‘Jet Lag’ to remind us all that we cannot travel overseas even though winter is coming.

The angelic voices of Acapella, Choir and Inspire then tantalized our earbuds. Acapella’s creative mashup of familiar classics such as ‘Lost in Japan’ and ‘Valerie’ enthralled the audience, while Inspire gave us never-before seen or heard originals, with MTV VMA award-winning music videos.

Fortunately, for those who missed out the event, we managed to catch an interview with 2 of our talented performers, Elias (better known as Mister CJC) and Isaiah, who represent 3 of our culture groups, as they share their culture night experience!


Elias (KRemix and Inspire)

Q: How has your KRemix experience been so far?

Elias: My KRemix experience has been nothing short of amazing. All the seniors have been so nice and kind, even allowing me the opportunity to perform, which was something that I thoroughly enjoyed!! I can’t thank all the seniors and current members enough for being so welcoming and so accepting of not only me but all the new members who just joined. (You’re welcome, Elias – Miguel)

Q: As your first live KRemix set, was it tough having to film it in one shot?

Elias: Yes, I was super exhausted after the 2nd take as it was very draining having to put yourself in a mental state as if it was in an actual club. Mid-way through the set, I started to get a massive headache which made it worse considering the fact that I was planning to jump and move a lot more during the set. Thank god that Yam (Ernest) and Gordon were there to hype me up throughout. But no ragrets, it was so much fun and i can’t wait to do it live and see people jump and dance!!

Q: Where did the fog in the video come from?

Elias: What smoke? 🤨

(isit KRemix of KRelx??? Eh juss. Pm Gordon for smoke machine services, hearsay from his KRBFF and unofficial KReporters member Cynthia that he cannot DJ yet)

Q: How are you so good at Muzzing?

Elias: My secret ;) Honestly I am absolutely trash at muzzing and I just always did back in CJ HAHA but one thing I learnt is that it doesn’t matter if you muzz well. As long as you feel good and happy, any kind of muzzing is solid muzzing.

Q: Why was it Lena and not you who got into the pool for the Inspire Music Video?

Elias: I not handsome enough ☹

Fun Fact:

Elias plans to change his name to Mister KR since he can sing, play instruments, DJ, and is best freshie. We are all just living in his world.


Next up we have KR’s very own Harry Styles, Mr Isaiah Goh

Isy Goh (Rockers and Inspire)

Q: How has your Rockers and Inspire experience been so far?

Isy: The people I’ve met are fun, and the experience would surely be much better without COVID. For Rockers, we haven’t had the opportunity to do face-to-face jamming sessions and this makes it harder for us to sync our individual playing styles into one shared piece. We also missed out some events I was looking forward to this year such as Star2Burst unfortunately.

Q: How did you get into drumming?

Isy: I started off by playing the Cajon (a box which produces the sound of a drum when banged) for praise and worship and when the church bought an electronic drum set, I taught myself how to play.

Q: How does it feel being KR’s Boyfriend?

Isy: Eh…that’s not relevant to culture night…but no girls want me

(KReporters decided to investigate this issue and have confirmed that Isaiah was in fact lying in his interview)

Fun Fact:

Isaiah is a reformed ah beng, but maybe it's just a pretense to look like a softboi since he's now in KR


Once again, thank you to Isaiah and Elias for participating into our interview! Also, we have not forgotten our dear KR Dance and Steppers, who could not showcase their immense skills and talent this year. We eagerly look forward to their comeback, to help KR’s spirit stay stronger than ever!

Safe to say, the efforts of our performers undoubtedly bore fruit as the virtual event drew in more viewers than ever. Plenty of credit has to be given to the tireless behind-the-scenes work done by the audio and video editors, piecing together each amazing performance and putting the grand show together!

The curtains to an unforgettable (and unlikely) Culture Night draws to a close. And we have one last man to thank for doing the impossible, 2020 Comeback Player of the Year (and our Culture Director) - Shasqil, who returned from the agony of a broken face to make this all happen, and even perform for the FYF band. What a keeper indeed, an inspiration to us all.

Truly a handsome lad.

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