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IHG Updates Week 1 (part II)

Basketball (F): KR vs RH

Our KRBballaces kickstarted their IHG season against Raffles Hall on Saturday morning. With the revamped 3v3 format this year, an exciting matchup was instore for us.

Amanda, Xuan and Wen Shien played the first set against RH, starting the matches by scaring their opponents with fierce game faces. It was all about confusing the opponents with two Xuans/Shiens on court but Xuan got the wrong memo and confused her own teammates instead as she passed the ball to a RH player. Here’s what some of her teammates had to say:

Fellow Shien: “xuanrawr threw the ball to RH defender even though it was our ball tbh really don’t know what she doing I think she bleed green one”

Captain Xiaohungry: “We think she might be a snitch”

Soon after, the captains decided to sub out the snitch and have Jewel to play the second half of the first set. With monster player Amanda contributing 2 3-pointers and a great play by the entire team, KR secured the first set with an amazing 11-6.

The second set begun with Cherylimlim and Captains Xiao Wen and Claudia on court. Well-known for walking in her soccer matches last IHG, Xiao Wen picked up running this year to score 4 points for the team. In the second half of the second set, Janelle replaced Cherylimlim and the trio maintained their lead against RH. Our players put up a great fight with some lockdown defence, only allowing their opponents to score once, concluding the second set with a 6-1 win.

With victory already in the bag, KR continued to our third set with Hazel and the famous singing duo Tish and Melboey. Despite trailing behind our opponents, our girls continued to fight on. The team showed great resilience and finished the set with a 1-6 loss against RH. The girls have secured themselves a spot in the Semi-Finals.

Final Score: KR 2-1 RH (written by Kim Neo)

Table Tennis (F): KR vs RH

Our KR TT girls launched their IHG campaign for glory (or at least the semis as per their captain’s prediction) last Wednesday. Facing their first challengers, the plucky upstarts of Raffles Hall, the girls were sure to be tested.

The first singles match was contested by none other than Captain Teng Yue, leading her team by example, determined to snatch a quick advantage. An early scare was in store, when the opponent jumped out to a 3-7 lead in the first set. Yet, with unwavering composure, she went on a spectacular comeback to take the first set 11-9. With her confidence brimming, Teng Yue then took the next 2 sets 11-7 and 11-5, never once losing the lead again. Our girls were now up 1-0.

However, the captain’s brilliance could not be emulated by her teammates, as the first doubles pairing of Xin Yi and Hui Yi fell to RH in hard-fought sets. The victory slipped further from our grasp as the second singles pitted Rachael up against a well-oiled RH machine who smashed everything in sight, and she fell quickly to this formidable opponent.

Down 2-1, the second doubles match for Joanne and Alyssa was a must-win. Lamentably, the pairing started off too slowly, dropping the first 2 sets. They finally got going in the final set and jumped out to a lead. However, Joanne, for some unbeknownst reason, seemed to forget the rules of Table Tennis afterwards, prompting the umpire to repeatedly instruct her on when she was to switch positions with Alyssa. The pair were eventually downed by RH despite their best efforts.

With the final outcome already done and dusted, it was up to the greenhorn Sueanne in the final singles match of the night to salvage some pride for the team. Undoubtedly an uphill task for a newcomer, she battled valiantly against her skilled opponent, managing to snatch a few points in the final set. However, she ultimately fell short.

The girls move on from here, hoping to bounce back in their next 2 games to make the semis. Captain Teng Yue left us with this positive note in spite of the setback: “We’re here to have fun, and we had fun”.

Final Score: KR 1-4 RH (written by Miguel)

Squash (M): KR vs TH

Following KR’s colossal 5-0 victory against KE, our Squash boys faced a very different challenge in their title charge as they took on last year’s runners up, TH. An intriguing battle took place as both halls looked to stake their claim as top dog in the group.

The first match saw a scorching start from Brandon, as he took the first tie with an assuring 3-0 scoreline. Known for his aggressive playstyle, he proved too fast for his opponent to keep up with, as the TH player looked out of sorts for the entirety of the match. What a start.

Our next player, Reuben, then looked to take a 2-0 lead in the tie. And so he did, as he took yet another convincing 3-0 win. His barrage of powerful yet precise drives proved too much for his opponent to handle, and he was in the driver’s seat for the entirety of the game. A classy performance from our very own THraitor (Fun fact: Reuben was formerly from TH).

With our boys 2-0 up, the pressure was on our captain, Russell, to wrap up the fixture. As it stood, both of TH’s ex-national team players were playing the 4th and 5th tie in the fixture, and were favourite to take their individual ties. The pressure was on to get the all-important win.

Russ started well, securing the first two sets 11-8 and 11-9, with his tricks and flicks at the front of the court working well. Russsiao then commenced the third neck-and-neck with his opponent, but was soon able to pull away into a position of ascendancy, as his pinpoint drops and sharp kills helped him bag 5 points in quick succession. After dropping 2 points, Russ decided that it was time to put this tie to bed - and boy did he do so in style. Setting up with a penetrating length to the back, our captain stepped onto his opponent’s feeble return and played a volley-drop so deft that spectators collectively wet themselves and let out a “WOAHHHHH”.

Up next was Jia Wen, who found himself matched up against TH’s ace player. Undaunted by the challenge, the plucky Jia Wen stayed within striking range for the entirety of the match, only being narrowly edged out in 3 closely contested sets.

Looking to end the night on a high was Ethan. Ethan hit the ground running in the first, playing with immense intensity to take the first set with a shocking score of 11-2. However, playing at such a high tempo started to take its toll on him, as he found himself beaten by his opponent in the subsequent 3 sets. A tough loss to swallow, but a respectable effort nonetheless.

With this mammoth win against title rivals TH, our KR boys were able to top their group and secure a more favourable matchup in the semi-finals. Do support our social squashers as they take on dark horses Raffles on Saturday!

Final Score: KR 3-2 TH (written by Ethan Liew)

Touch Rugby (F): KR vs RH

Looking to continue their championship streak, our Kent Ridge Hall Touch Rugby queens kickstarted their IHG journey against Raffles Hall on Saturday as they braved through the falling rain.

Starting strong on their first line was Amanda and Vanessa as middles, alongside Janelle and Jia Yi as links. With amazing chemistry, the first team started putting immense pressure on RH right out of the gates, driving towards RH fearlessly. Within a mere 5 minutes, our first line had already scored 2 tries, building a 2-0 advantage for KR.

Not letting their foot off the pedal, the second line with Xuan and Xiao Wen as middles and Alicia and Yi Ling as links continued to dominate RH. The line showed tenacity and agility as they mostly contained the play in RH’s half of the field, breaking RH’s defense multiple times. Continuously exploiting the gaps between RH’s players, they widened the score difference with a whopping 4 tries within the next 5 minutes.

The last line consisted of Angel and Jeslyn as middles, with Janine and Emily as links. Buckling down to secure the victory, our girls scored twice more. However, RH then managed to run past our players and put the ball down before getting touched, resulting in RH’s first try. At the end of the first half, it was 8-1 to KR.

After the 5 minutes break, our girls regained their focus and went on to prove themselves a well-deserved winner in the second half. The first and second line scored another 3 points each, while the third line scored another point, capping off a commanding victory for our girls.

Remarking on their great start to the campaign, captain Emily stated It was pouring and really cold! Though this wasn’t something expected, I’m proud that the team adapted and fought hard. Look forward to our next match against KE :)” The girls continue their journey for gold on Sunday.

Final Score: KR 15-1 RH (written by Anthea Tay)

Touch Rugby (M): KR vs SH

Our Touch Rugby boys’ journey kicked off with a match against Sheares, our ever-so-considerate neighbours. Even as the rain pelted down relentlessly on them, our boys showed sheer determination and were even more relentless in their attack. Despite training just twice before their opening match, their opponents never stood a chance.

Kickstarting the match, KR’s lineup included Yi Qi and Derek as the middles, alongside links Zhe Ying and Gerald. Starting off strong, Derek bagged KR’s first try, setting the pace for the rest of the game. They continued to dominate in the first half, with Zhe Ying penetrating the Sheares’ defence and burning their links with a second try. A slight slip-up allowed Sheares to score two tries, but the line pushed on. Derek nicely wrapped their play up, diving for the try line and gaining yet another point for the boys in blue.

Their second lineup consisted of John, Jeremy, Koi and Chris Langton. Despite getting pushed to the ground on attack, John kept his cool and scored on the perpetrator. Another try saw him running ¾ of the field (and past the entire Sheares defence) as he dived for the tryline. Some say John was too fast for the Sheares defence, but hearsay the ease with which he scored the try could also be attributed to the Sheares link giving up once he saw John barrelling towards him with the ball. Guess we’ll never know. An oversight by Sheares in the second half saw Langton scoring yet another try for KR.

The final line consisted of Maverick and Zach as the middles, alongside their links Nigel and Jin Tat. The line continued the work of the previous lines, adding the final touches to the game. Zach took the game home with a triumphant dive at the touch line, cementing KR’s victory.

Their outstanding showing in the first match is best summed up in the words of captain John Soh “Won Sheares, job done.” The boys take on Raffles this Sunday.

Final Score: KR 8-3 SH (written by Charmaine Keasberry)

Sepak Takraw: KR vs EH

Having already claimed a place in the semi-finals, our Sepak Takraw boys faced Eusoff on Sunday for top honours in the group.

Up first was the regu of Howe, Minghao and Jordan. Determined to take one over his former team, Minghao played with immense gusto. In the first set, the boys were off to an unnerving start, where they were down 9-5. However, they soon grew into the game and climbed back to a tie break at 15-15, before finally securing the first set at 17-15. The next two sets, unfortunately, saw a victorious EH winning 15-12 and 15-9 respectively.

Nonetheless, after regathering their composure, our team won the fourth set, in a heart-stopping set which saw another 14-14 tie break. KR won 16-14, to the cheers of the rest of the team. In the exhilarating deciding set, KR’s first regu won 15-11 decisively, taking a 1-0 lead.

The second regu, comprising FYF David, captain Mave and Jianling, engaged in long, intense rallies, but eventually conceded a handful of heart-wrenching points to EH in the three sets. The first set was lost 15-11, but did not break KR’s morale, as the regu continued fighting hard. In the second set, the two teams found themselves at a 14-14 tiebreak again. David’s signature bicycle kick sent a ball flying to an opponent’s mouth, momentarily pausing the game. In the end, KR lost the set 17-15. After a handful of missteps, the third set was another painful 15-13 L, leaving the overall game score tied at 1-1.

With one final regu to decide the outcome, the third regu, comprising captain Elgin leading new faces Sean and Ashwin, was under pressure to perform against EH’s strongest regu. With some reliable serves, KR put up a good fight. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, the sets were lost 15-9, 15-5 and 15-7.

The final result in EH’s favour means that our boys will face off with TH in the semi-finals. All the best to our Takraw team!

Final Score: KR 1-2 EH (written by Toh Yi Yun)

Squash (F): KR vs EH

With qualification secured after their win over KE, our Squash girls looked to end the week on a high against EH. Our girls knew they were in for a tough battle, spending previous day scouting (stalking) their opponents on Instagram. No doubt an interesting strategy, even if its effectiveness was questionable at best…

Leading the line was Michelle. Michelle put up a worthy fight, but eventually succumbed to her vastly more experienced opponent, whom our players-cum-scouts reported had a massive 9 years of squash experience. A tough game, but nonetheless an honorable display from KR’s very own honorary general secretary.

Up next was Hui Yee, who was clearly the underdog up against EH’s second seed. She exhibited commendable courage but was unfortunately unable to keep up with her opponent over the game.

Now down 2-0, looking to keep KR in the game was Jia-Xin, as she stepped into court against yet another formidable opponent. A hard-hitting warrior, Jia-Xin was able to equal her opponent in power, and she never gave up until the player in yellow emerged victorious from the court, concluding the victory for our opponents.

With pride still to play for, frisbee captain Shermin stepped up for our 4th tie. All eyes were on Sherm as she looked to avenge her fallen teammates. She started off the first guns blazing and was able to convert the first 11-7, with her power-packed drives proving too much for her opponent to handle. However, her opponent bounced back to edge her out in the following two sets.

Sherms was able to rediscover her firepower, putting the 4th set to bed and equalling the score at 2-2. The penultimate set in this tie was just as hotly contested, with lady luck slightly favoring the EH player when it mattered most. Regardless of the result, this match was an absolute cracker that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Up last was Captain Rachael. Unfazed by the matches prior, she showed much grit, managing to bring the score back to a tie on multiple occasions, and was even able to bag a game. An admirable effort from our captain indeed.

A rough day for our Squashers in blue, but a commendable effort nonetheless. Our girls now set their sights on TH in the semi-finals on Sunday.

Final Score: KR 0-5 EH (written by Ethan Liew)\

Badminton (F): KR vs TH

After beating Sheares in their previous game, our badminton girls were up against Temasek in a match to determine their opponent in the semi-finals.

Kickstarting the game was Sieu Xin. Despite having no prior experience, she managed to hold her own against her opponent. However, her opponent (an IVP player who’s been playing since primary school) was merciless, smashing shot after shot. In spite of her best efforts, Sieu Xin eventually bowed out after 2 sets.

Next up was our doubles team, with Shermin and Sam taking the courts. Going up against their thunderous opponents, they started the set strong, returning every shot their opponents threw against them. The duo managed to bag a considerable number of points in the first set, much to the delight of the team. However, the overwhelming attack from their experienced opponents proved too strong. KR were now down 2-0.

The third game was taken on by team captain Wen Shien. She showcased her athletic prowess with her powerful smashes, which was evident in her first set where she bagged a comfortable win. However, her opponent was able to mount a comeback in the final 2 sets as TH took a 3-0 lead to secure their win over us.

The second doubles saw Rachael and Jia Wen facing off with TH’s formidable doubles pair, consisting of a former national athlete and just a normal athlete. Nonetheless, our girls were unfazed and took their opponents on all the same. They returned their smashes with strategically-placed shots, with some proving to be too much for the TH girls. Despite our best efforts, the TH pair still managed to come away with a win.

The match wrapped up with Anthea playing the last match. Her small frame allowed her to be quick on her feet and she was able to return her opponent’s blitz. Once again, our opponents from TH never relented and came away with a victory.

Even with such efforts, KR lost the game to TH, a badminton powerhouse. Nevertheless, our girls will be training hard for their next game in the semis, where they’ll go up against Eusoff Hall. Press on girls!

Final Score: KR 0-5 TH (written by Charmaine Keasberry)

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