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IHG Updates Week 2 (part II)

Track (M)

Our trackers started the chase for champions last weekend, Saturday for our boys and Sunday for our girls.

Unlike what Captain Mark predicted, it did not rain and thus, our trackers proceeded with the races. The first race was the 4x100m event, facing Sheares in the heat. Our first runner Howe started the heat off very close behind Sheares’ first runner, then passing on to Alex Mula who caught up to their second runner. He then passed the baton to our third runner, Trahern, having slightly inched ahead of Sheares. While we lost the lead during the pass, Trahern sprinted hard, catching up with Sheares, finally passing onto our very own PreSINGdent, who finished the race with a sizeable lead.

However, tragedy struck as lady luck was not on our side, and the umpires found an issue with the passing from our 2nd to 3rd runner, resulting in the team being disqualified (cries). Oh well, at least we knew we would have won Sheares. Truly best sports hall along Heng Mui Keng Terrace.

The next event was the 4x400m, where we ran against TH in the heat. First up, we had Yun Liang in line, finishing his round with a lead. He then passed the baton on to Mark, our very own captain. Leading by example, he further widened our lead to give the team a huge advantage, before passing it to Cliff. Cliff then did the same, with a now almost insurmountable gap between us and TH. Finishing the race strong was Zhe Ying, who piled onto TH’s misery by extended our advantage until TH was nowhere to be seen in the camera frame. The boys placed 1st in this event, truly an ez win!

Overall, the boys placed 5th. Speaking on the disappointing decision by the umpires, Captain Mark said “Truly a shame that we didn’t extend our 4/5 (I forgot) year winning streak for Track M. But its fine. We’ll get it back next year when IHG’s legit again! We all know we would’ve been champs without that DQ (but no excuses) cheers!”

Mark would also like to add that the 4x100m would have likely placed 1st as well without the DQ. What a pity, but good job lads!

(written by Miguel and Nicole)

Track (F)

On Sunday, we had the girls' races. In the 4x400m race, we had Angel, Tammy, Alexis and Vanessa against Raffles Hall. Starting off the race, Angel trailed closely behind TH who then passed on to our second runner, Tammy. Tammy, along with our third runner, Alexis, ran hard, keeping pace with TH. Finishing up the race was KR’s very own star runner, Vanessa, with her legs moving about 30 times as fast as the runner ahead. Unfortunately for her, she only had 400 metres instead of her usual 400km to catch up, and she could not overtake TH. Despite this, the girls put up a good fight and placed 3rd in the event.

Next up, we had the 4x100m girls relay to conclude the Track season. Starting the race off was our very own girls’ Football captain, Cheryllimlim, running side by side along RH. She then passed the baton to our very own girls’ Trug captain, xuanrawr, who then passed it on to Vanessa. Lastly, our very own tiktok star/biz queen/upcoming star tracker Amanda, boosted by the support of her 20k IG followers, finished off the rce just inches behind RH, placing 5th in the event.

The girls ran hard, placing 4th overall, sadly falling short of their captain's prediction. Well, at least neither of the girls teams got disqualified by the officials this time! The biggest takeaway from watching this event is KR track girls really the most chai. Good fight girls, we’ll get them next year!

(written by Nicole Ng)

Tennis (M): KR vs RH

After a disappointing start to the season against EH, our KR tennis boys looked to secure their place in the semi-finals by defeating Raffles Hall in their final group game.

First up was the team’s star IVP player Jack, who looked to continue making sure his captain’s prediction of him winning every match came true. Up against RH’s best player, and troubled by a sore elbow, Jack still was in total control from start to finish, seemingly toying with his opponent at times. He cruised along to a casual victory, with a final score of 9-4.

Next up, Ethan and Yiqi took on the first doubles match of the day, where their great teamwork and exquisite play saw them dominate their opponents throughout. In the blink of an eye, they had finished their game with a commanding 9-0 win.

The second singles saw last year’s captain Ashton Toh in action. Finally back from a long hiatus, he managed to trade blows with his opponent despite visible rust, with the scores equal at 7-7 after long, intense rallies. However, fatigue seemed to eventually get the better of him, as he dropped the final 2 games and came up just short. The score was now 2-1 to KR.

Trying to secure the victory, up stepped this year’s captain AshKwah and Jem. With Jem’s old joints not working as well as it used to, they fell into a 1-5 hole. However, he eventually got going and with the captain’s help, they fought back valiantly to make it 5-6. Facing even more setbacks, down 5-8 with 3 match points to the opponent, AshKwah and Jem managed to survive the barrage, with Dogged resolve, to make it 6-8. Unfortunately, they eventually fell to their opponents.

The fate of the tennis boys now lay in the racket of Sen, in the 3rd and final singles match of the day. With a performance as cool as he looks, Sen jumped out to a 5-1 lead and never looked back, sealing the deal, and a spot in the semis, with a 9-3 win. They take on Temasek Hall next, where it will be a tightly contested affair.

Final Score: KR 3-2 RH (written by Miguel)

Basketball (F) Semi-Finals: KR vs EH

Last Sunday morning, our KRBballaces faced off with Eusoff Hall in the Semi-Finals.

The team stuck to their lineup of Amanda, Xuan, Shien and Jewel starting the match once again. A strong defense was put up by our girls as our opponents struggled to score. In her attempt to catch a rebound and score a point for KR, Xuan had to come to terms with her height disadvantage. She was surrounded by yellow twin-towers, who eventually stole the rebound away from her. Guess we can’t call her a snitch this time!

Next on court we had Xiaowen plus 3 experienced FYFs, Claudia, Janelle and Cheryl. Needless to say, the team had overflowing chemistry throughout. During the game, Xiaowen was tasked to check the ball with the opponent. She had to bounce it to her opponent before her opponent could continue the game. Mesmerized by Xiaowen’s beauty, the opponent passed the ball back to her instead. Being her usual alpha self, she told the opponent “I guess it’s mine then” and took the ball. The ball was hers but the points eventually went to her opponents…

Concluding the match was Melboey, Attishya, Sihan and Hazel. It was a great effort by everyone on the team as they fought their hearts out till the last second. Some say Hazel could be trying to shoot without looking again as they saw Hazel sleeping on court during the first half. Thankfully, her opponents angered her and woke the beast up in the second half as she proceeded to score consecutive points for KR.

Despite it being the last match of the season for our girls, it was a commendable effort by the entire team. To end, we have just a few words from Captain Xiaohungry, "We fought hard. It was a good fight.”

Final Score: KR 0-3 EH (written by Kim Neo)

Table Tennis (F) KR vs KEVII

In what was to be their final game for the season, our KR table tennis girls took on KEVII, looking to end off their IHG adventure on a positive note.

The first singles saw Estelle step up to try and give KR an early advantage. However, up against a more seasoned opponent, she quickly fell in straight sets despite giving it her all. The doubles pairing of Alyssa and Joanne also unfortunately met the same fate, with KR now down 2-0.

Just as it had been the previous 2 games, it was now on Captain Teng Yue to give the team much needed hope. Facing her toughest opponent yet, she traded long rallies in a gripping affair, finding herself down 2-1 after 3 sets. Keeping calm despite trailing in a crucial 4th set, she fought hard to close a 3 point gap, and eventually emerged from the 4th set victorious. With the scores now at 2 apiece, the crucial 5th set was ultimately won by the KEVII opponent, as Teng Yue looked visibly fatigued from the immense effort exerted to keep her team in the game.

With the win out of sight, the second doubles pair of Hui Yee and Xinyi tried their best to make the score line more respectable and seek out their first victory of the season. Although they came much closer this time, they still fell short in the end. The final game of the night saw Rachael play the third singles, as she exchanged points with her opponent. Coming close to winning the first set, an inspired fight back from her opponent saw the slip from Rachael’s grasp. With momentum on her opponent’s side, Rachael eventually lost the game.

Speaking on her team’s season, Teng Yue said that “we all had fun this season, I really thank my team for being so chill and we all made new friends along the way”. Let’s hope the girls bounce back next season!

Final Score: KR 0-5 KEVII (written by Sueanne Phee)

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