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KRastles & Slums

In a place far, far way, there lived a pack of wolves who thought that all names should start “KR” and all things be coloured white, blue, and gold. These wolves lived in packs and had all sorts of names like “Farmers” and “Sliders”. The wolves celebrated their favourite festival with much fervour every year, placing all sorts of décor around their KRastles. Here are some of the best looking (and worst) looking rooms. Stay tuned for the end, hearsay you might get lost there and end up asking KR Everybody to find your matric card…

The Chicken Farmer

First up we have Alicia. As seen by her four-laptop situation, she might just be the busiest person in KR. While others decorate their rooms with strings of fairy lights, she dabbles in the realm of cables and wires, which really scares off unwanted visitors and are sure to make you scream.

With that bed setup, Alicia conveniently wakes up for class (if ever) and goes right back to sleep. On good days, you might find her cooking a whole feast at the pantry and with her self-harvested ingredients!

Near her window ledge, you'll spot her carton of eggs sitting out to ferment, which really adds to the flavour of her famous egg omelettes. Or maybe she’s just rearing her next batch of chickens, who knows?

If you haven’t noticed the feet in the pictures (no need to say thanks for the free feet pics), chickens may not be the only thing Alicia is rearing. You might find other wolves lying in her room too. Dead or alive? Guess we will never know…

The Red Room

The next man needs no introduction, especially with that jacket casually framing half the picture. MisterCJC not only has the red lights that suits that Christian Grey’s aesthetic, but also blackout curtains to complete the vibe. MisterCJC’s desk is laminated in black to match the theme, coupled with pictures of his best memories to complete the look.

His versatile LED lightings being accompanied by his DJ setup really brings back pre-covid clubbing days. Culture Night? Every night is a night for the cultured at his room.

Lining his wall with sound dampers, MisterCJC really has it all. The man can’t risk his pre-released hits being leaked! Truly living up to his passion for button pressing and being DJ Ely…

With his iconic DJ persona, MisterCJC could never forget his roots, especially when the CJC jacket is the first thing he sees every morning. MisterCJC’s room might just be the most well decorated KRastle!

Cables and Wires

Next up we have Ashley. Fun fact: this wolf lives right opposite the first wolf! Coincidence that they both got featured and have similar names? I guess North and South poles don’t exist....

This wolf is literally KR’s most down to earth person, looking at that cushion on the floor where she sits and connects with the tiles. Warning to all the Sussy Bakkas around, she may be the best detective around since she loves collecting fingerprints, even on her mirror!

Just like her neighbour, Ashley loves cables, and extension wires which comes in handy when she arrests all the Sussy Bakkas. Do pay a visit on her off days (aka everyday) and you might find her meditating on her bed half the time too…

Cosy Corner

Our next wolf, Mr Keng Teng might just have it all. Peek that guitar in the corner paired with the aesthetic sunset lamp, he exhibits his appreciation for the Arts. His talents go beyond just music too, with two beautifully drawn paintings, but… we are more interested in who the girl in the drawing is ;).

This wolf not only decorates his room with cosy lightings and eye-pleasing planters, but he also spots environmentally-friendly decor as he lines empty Soju bottles for interior design. But remember wolves, there’s no hall in alcohol.

Slumdog Millionaire

WARNING! This last wolf might not only be naked, but you can even get lost in her minimalistic room. Yeah, minimal cleaning too among other things…

From the moment you step in, you will be greeted with an office set up facing the door. Hearsay she was going for the school General Office vibes. Joanne’s room decor is so elaborate and well-planned that she loses her matric card every other week, some days she gets lost in this little maze of hers too! According to her, she strives for minimal movement to reach her items as seen by the slew of random items on her table. Talk about efficiency!

A multi-talented individual, Joanne also has a karaoke setup in her room for her to sing her favourite tunes. Time to sing, but no time to pack room hmm…

Let’s move onto her Lost and Found section, which is a true masterpiece. Why visit museums when you can just take a trip to her room and admire her haphazardly, artistically placed clothes.

Also, anyone noticed that green sash hanging by the door? Hearsay Joanne BASHES and wrestles her clothes daily to find her things so there is no point organising it. Also, who knows what you might find living in there, as a warm-hearted individual might have been accommodating the cocKRoach family all this time!

Anyway, this last one really tops our list, so what do you think? Are these rooms KRastles or Slums?

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