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Valentine's Day 🌹 - a day full of KRove or KRoneliness?

Valentine’s Day has just ended. Some spent the day all cozied up with their loved ones while others drank it away…. Well, let’s find out how different KResidents spent this special (or not so) day!

1. The classic “Dinner with my boyfriend/girlfriend”

Single and wanted to jio your floormates to the dining hall to get some scrumptious food? Suddenly hit with the “sorry bro, gotta bring my girl out” - feels like a slap in the face right? Well, name and shame time because some couples did this! Ok.. not really shame because there is nothing wrong with spending time with your loved ones on this very special day! So let’s find out what some KRouples in KR did!

First up, we have one of KRicktok’s most famous couples, Chloe and Jarren!

A short overview of how you met?

Jarren: Credits to Mr Greg Poon cause he organised a CNY dinner party at his house like last year which coincided with valentines day so he invited all the single ppl!

Chloe: Ivan dragged me there I wasn't even invited LOL… then Jarren said we had sexual tension while cleaning tables which I really do not remember….

Jarren: But anyways so after that I slid her on insta and she was charmed by me and couldn't stop texting me!!

How did you spend your day?

Chloe: We didn't meet on the day itself cause I had class from 7-10pm.. LOL and he had class from 12-6pm..

Jarren: So we went to LAVO the day before on the 13th for dinner!

Was there anything ~special~ that happened?

Chloe: Jarren made a DIY flower bouquet WOW

Jarren: Chloe was late (again) so I went in first and sat alone for 15 minutes. And yes you can see how I made the bouquet on TikTok, link in bio! #floristNUT

Any tips that us singles can get:

Jarren: Just slide DMs it always works!!! Then be alpha and ask her out! She confirm cannot say no!

Chloe: Clean tables I guess...

Anything else you want add on?

Chloe: anyone want him… pls take him away thank u

Jarren: awaw

Authors note:

AW SO CUTEEE !! head over to Jarren’s TikTok to find out how to surprise your lover ( <- TikTok famous or what 😍

Next up, we have our favourite FYF Bom who gives us really touching advice 🥺

A short overview of how y’all met?

We met in JC in dance, when I was a senior and she was a freshie in J1! I loved hanging out with her because of how funny and energetic and carefree she was all the time, and that’s just how we got close. She also supported me through a pretty tough time I was going through at that point in time (and she sacrificed a lot for it too!) and that really touched my heart the most. I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend more than a year later when she was in J2 and I was in NS, and now we’ve been together for almost 6 years 🙂

How did you spend your day and was there anything ~special~ that happened?

We couldn’t celebrate on the actual day because Megan had a big presentation the day after, so we celebrated on the 15th! She was feeling homely and didn’t wanna go out and spend a bomb, so we opted for a comfy v day at home. We wanted to have macs for supper so in order to not starve till then, we went to her favourite dessert place Hvala! Later at night we went to get macs to get our fav curly fries before it was gone, and went home to eat, got drunk on wine, and have a singalong session to the Disney movie Brave (she knew all the words to almost every song LOL). For a day like Vday where everything is priced up and IG seems to suggest that the more you spend on a fancy dinner & bouquet, the more in love you are, I’m thankful to have a partner like her who’s willing to just celebrate it by doing something we both love!

Any tips that us singles can get:

From the many years we’ve spent together, I think we agree that in finding your life partner, it isn’t really about finding “the one”, or even someone that ticks off your checklist. After all, if you’re gonna spend your life with someone you can’t expect them to never change, so even if they’re perfect for you at that point, both you and your partner are bound to change in certain ways at some point! Hence, the most important thing (to us) is being with someone who you know will be willing to work through all the ups and downs and disagreements, someone who, everyday, chooses to love YOU, and not just your characteristics. Breaking up is often the easiest way out when things go awry, so find someone who’s always willing to make the difficult choice of finding a solution regardless of the situation 🙂

The most popular activity amongst couples was going out on a dinner date - sounds simple right, just book a table for two and eat together but hey! Sometimes the simplest of actions means a lot to others. The most important thing is to appreciate the time you have with your loved ones and spend it wisely <333

2. Party the Blues Away

This year, Valentine’s fell on a Monday and I’m pretty sure many of us felt the Monday blues. As a true Kentridgean who bleeds blue, the best option is to obviously drink outside to chase the blues away (since we all know that consumption of alcohol in hall is NOT allowed because the guard will confiscate your drinks anyway). I'm sure many of us bumped into each other while you were out partying with your own friends! However, there were individuals who decided to go down the slightly more wholesome route… who said friends can’t celebrate this day to show some love for their fellow homies!

Well, let’s find out how people spent their night out!

Here we have Rebecca who went out with her uni friends:

How did you spend your day?

This valentine’s day was a rather special one as I spent it with my BizFlag friends. Originally, it was supposed to be a dinner date with one of my girlfriends but we invited two others, who are also part of Flag. We had dinner at Hoho Bar & Grill @ Holland Village, where we enjoyed some Chinese food and beer - it was our first time trying the Hoegaarden Rosée and it was really good! Basically, we spent the night catching up over good food and it was one of those nice dates with friends where everyone just takes a break from work and has some fun.

Was there anything ~special~ that happened?

Nothing special but as part of the committee for Project XOXO under bizad club, we gifted one another flowers and brownies haha

Any tips for us singles to survive on:

I’d say Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive to romantic love, it can be a celebration to yourself and the people you care about! So to those out there who are single by choice, still healing from a break up or haven’t found the right one yet - don’t ride solo haha plan a galentine’s day, spread some love to the people you care about or give yourself a treat!!

Secondly, we have hall prod queen Samace telling us about how she spent her vday!

How did you spend your day?

Studying and spending time with my fellow singles

Was there anything special that happened?

I had Valentine’s Day dinner with my fellow singletons I guess

Any tips for us singles to survive on:

As singles, it’s necessary to form a strong singles support system(ssss) and swipe okc, bumble, tinder together! 😝

Authors note:

^ hearsay can rent FYF for command also so why scroll through dating apps when you can date an FYF? 😍

3. KRBF(F) Day 🤝

Galentine’s is known for a girls day out to celebrate because hoes > bros or maybe…we just couldn't meet the right one in time LOL but there’s definitely nothing wrong with that! Who says having a Valentine has to be full of only sugar and spice and everything nice? Well, to combat this, some KResidents decided to zhnng up their outing with friends to the next level by going out with their KRBFFs. A KRBFF night out is much more fun!

Here we have Anthea to share with us more on what she and her BFF did!

How did you spend your day!

Basically we j decided to go out and partake in the capitalism scam called valentines day

The place was at Holland Village so it was quite close to hall, it’s called L‘entrecote or something like that.. We had good steak

Was there anything special that happened?

We exchanged flowers when we got back to hall! And my BFF had to go for..





Authors note:

Aww what a huge cockblock I mean choirblock XD but wow the flowers look so good!

Any tips for the more snooze KRBFFs:

I think is just about the effort! We both put in the effort to be in each other's lives HAHAHAHA and like to be a real bff for one another! Which I'm so grateful for hehe so yeah basically don't forget about each other after the first few months in KR. We take turns to initiate stuff, give welfare, etc so I think that's quite good. And sometimes just to go to each other's room and talk cock and catch up when we bored HAHAHA

Authors note:

Sorry BFF will up my game!

4. Grinding (for the CAP 5 of course!)

Well for some, this was just a regular day on our calendars - full of tasks to complete on your to-do lists; project meetings and training for CCAs. But I guess studying too hard can cause people to dream (aka become delusional)

An anonymous KResident decided to share their Valentine's dream……

“My bf (seen in pic below) took me to the ferris wheel

then we walked around MBS

and he gave me a promise ring

and he said he wanna have a baby

then i woke up from my dream”

Authors note:

Very interesting dream indeed.. 😀👍🏼 Maybe those looking for inspiration to ask someone out can refer to this?? Let’s all manifest for our fellow single besties to find the right one~

For those who got to celebrate this very special day with your loved ones, that's great and I hope y’all enjoyed it. For those who didn't, all's good because the most important thing is to love yourself before loving anyone else! Yay! (crying and throwing up…)

Anyways, for those who are still looking for love, find out how to attract chiobus/ handsome lads at KRash Course by KR’s Fashionistas and get some tips from our favourite fashionistas to hopefully up your vday game next year!

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